"We believe there is more information for a bear hunter in this DVD than any other we have reviewed in 10 years." -Bear Hunting Magazine

Think of the money you will spend on tags, equipment, licenses, fuel, food, and guiding fees. Don't you think it is worth to invest in the single most important hunting item to increase your chances of success?...KNOWLEDGE! This action packed black bear hunting dvd features: Rifle and Archery Black Bear Hunts, Spot and Stalk Hunting, Tree Stand Hunting for Bears, and Baiting for Black Bear. All fair chase ethical hunts on public land. Produced by a hunter who has been successful every year with black bear!

Justin Ott for more info.

features include bear hunting stories, trophy photo tips, and bear hunting stories of the past.


Imagine harvesting 4 black bears in one day with your bear hunting party. This DVD will show you how, and tell the story on black bear hunting. The Black Bear Hunting Encyclopedia book and DVD will take you through the entire process of black bear hunting discussing; gear, scouting, the animal, field care, taxidermy, and past hunts, all the while entertaining you with bone chilling exciting bear hunting footage. This footage is all real and you will love the action packed bear hunting DVD so much that you will tell all your hunting friends. The bear hunting book will guide you through everything and more than the DVD and will be a great guide to carry in the field!


What Makes Justin Ott a Bear Hunting Pro?

Justin Ott has been on multiple successful bear hunts. Shooting 6 black bears himself (3 with bow and arrow, 3 with rifle) and helping others scout, hunt, and field dress bears, Justin Ott is an experienced and accomplished bear hunter. Taking 4 black bears in 24 hours is just a highlight of one hunting trip he and his party was on. Justin Ott has been featured in BC Outdoors magazine, and in Great Canadian Sportsman magazine. Justin Ott runs the websites: www.huntingtipsandtricks.com and www.successfulhunting.com.



"Given 3 out of 4 paws by Bear Hunting Magazine."

"This is not your ordinary bear hunting video packed with guided hunts, though there is footage from some hunts included. This is more of an informational guide on many aspects of bear hunting that includes footage of what is being described. Justin Ott made this video, and wrote a companion book that is also included, because he became addicted to bear hunting and wanted to share helpful information with others, both beginners and avid bear hunters looking for more information.

The DVD has three parts; Instructional Version (aprox. 50 min.), Entertainment Version (aprox. 17 min.) and Bonus (aprox 20 min.). We believe there is more information for a bear hunter in this DVD than any other we have reviewed in 10 years. Though much of it is the basics, and we often need to be reminded of it, Justin goes further, and we were happy he included showing the field dressing and skinning of a bear, something many bear hunters want, and need, to know.

Much of Justin's own experience is from do-it-yourself spot and stalk hunts in British Columbia and he incorporates baiting information from another experienced bear hunter. Scouting, field judging, gear selection, photo tips, scoring, skull cleaning, shot placement and some hunting stories are also included. Justin narrates much of the video and you can look up information he talks about in the book easily.

This may not be a professional, cool graphics added, production from a well-known hunting show host, but it was put together with thought and the quality information that many bear hunters are looking for. We liked this video and gave it 3 paws."

-review by



"With what I learned from your book and your DVD, I was able to successfully take my 1st black bear."

"I wanted to personally say thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences on black bear hunting. I bought your book, The Black Bear Hunting Encyclopedia, and your DVD just a couple of weeks ago prior to my black bear hunt. I found they were excellent sources of solid information and your teaching style was wonderful. As a whitetail deer hunter, I did not know anything about hunting black bear. With what I learned from your book and your DVD, I was able to successfully take my 1st black bear. I found that your book was a quick and interesting read and to the point; exactly what I needed to learn more about my upcoming my hunt. And the DVD helped visualize it and really helped with skinning among other things. I want to share with you an incredible hunt I had this last Saturday on an early Spring Bear hunt.

We headed out of Whittier, Alaska into Prince William Sound in a boat and took a smaller inflatable raft with attached oars to get to shore. As we were cruising the shorelines, I spotted him with binoculars from the boat from about a mile away ahead of us. He was walking and grazing on Skunk Cabbage stalks along the wet areas down a long gravel beach. We let the boat idle in closer to shore and hopped off and paddled the inflatable about 300 yards to shore. (In Alaska, we can't shoot from a boat) After beaching the inflatable, I stalked about 1000 yards with the wind in my face at about 11 o'clock carrying my scent downwind. There were several small waterfalls along they way that covered the sound of my footsteps. I found it was much quieter to walk in the tiny gravel than to step on the larger stones. The adjacent brush was too dense to get through. The curve of the beach was such that I had cover behind me to break up my silhouette. He never saw me coming. I ended up about 30 yards from where I last saw him stepping into the brush beneath a large tree. As I was scouring the shade of the tree and brush, he bolted straight up the mountain in an avalanche clearing. I got a bead on him just hoping he'd stop and give me a clean shot when he did just that and quartered away then looked back at me. Prior to this moment, I had not seen him closer than about 1100 yards and that was from the rocking raft so I was unsure of the quality of this bear. Now, I could then clearly see he was a mature black bear because of his lumbering gait and his big round head with his small ears way over on either side of his head. I had just a moment to still my standing free-handed shot at about 100 yards so I gently squeezed the trigger on my Remington Model 700 AWR (Alaskan Wilderness Rifle) as the .338 Ultra-Mag went off with a deafening wallop then silence. Amazing how much less the kick is when your adrenaline is flowing, isn't it? The bullet struck his right side quartering away; from back right out through his front left side. He went down hard, snarling and showing his teeth and snapping at whatever that was burning in his side. He started rolling back down the steep mountain towards me about 15 yards or so then looked up and right at me. He knew exactly were I was and that I was responsible for his demise. I found first hand that they are indeed tough beasts. I didn't want to ruin a hide or have him take off and most importantly I didn't want him to take out his new found aggressions on me. So, I quickly put the cross-hairs just below his muzzle in the edge of the grass and let another bullet fly through the tips of the brush into his chest. It was an incredibly great and memorable hunt.

Again thank you Justin for sharing your black bear experiences as they were, no doubt, instrumental in my bear hunting success."

Dr. David Richey
Anchorage, Alaska



"Justin Ott has left nothing out and he tells it all.."

"The Black Bear Hunting Encyclopedia is just that; an encyclopedia, covering everything worth knowing about black bears and bear hunting, richly illustrated with photos, lists and charts. Justin Ott has left nothing out and he tells it all in an easy to understand language using professional or hunter jargon only where it is absolutely necessary....If you have been thinking of taking up black bear hunting or have not quite had the success you wish then you need to read Justin Ott’s “The Black Bear Hunting Encyclopedia”. ...I am going to apply some of the things I learned from the book in this years spring bear hunting season and I am convinced it will get me a few giant steps closer to a black bear rug for our living room floor and some fresh organic bear meat in the freezer."

-Othmar Vohringer

Othmar Vohringer is:
-An outdoor writer
-Founder of Smart Hunting Strategies
-Hunting property consultant
-Pro staff member of Heirloom Game Calls
Othmar has been published in:
-Great Canadian Sportsman
-Canadian Bowhunting
-Canadian Deer Hunting
-Merritt Herald (by-weekly outdoor column)
-Merritt News
-The Province
-Outdoor Edge (The magazine for Western Canada's Anglers and Hunters)




"...you can tell that his knowledge of hunting and woodcraft is solid."

"...a hunter who has never hunted black bears, hunted black bear in Canada or used all types of legal forms of techniques for bear, will benefit from watching this video. You’ll also see what types of firearms and archery equipment Justin and his friends use to go after black bear in the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Saskatchewan."

-Cork Graham

Cork Graham is:
-Best selling author of "The Bamboo Chest"
-Outdoor writer/blogger
-Host of Cork's Outdoors TV




"I just wanted to say thanks for putting out an informative DVD..."

"This is my first year hunting and I tagged my first bear yesterday. Your DVD was really helpful to find where to look for bears and what to do after the kill."

-Jeff Bordignon
Delta, BC, Canada





"Without Justin's information I would have been lost.."

"Justin's information helped me find and bag my first black bear. Without Justin's hunting information I would have been lost. I was just starting hunting and Justin helped me with choosing the proper rifle caliber, bullet, bow, arrows, gear, and clothing. I also learned how to tackle the daunting task of skinning the hide, gutting, and spot and stalk hunting techniques from Justin. Thanks again for all the advice on bear hunting."

-Chris Dyck
Abbotsford, BC





"The Black Bear Hunting Encyclopedia shows the complete story..."

"Justin has drastically helped develop my black bear hunting techniques with his scouting and field care advice. Justin's hands on approach to field care was very helpful and it is hard to find good advice these days. Usually hunting videos just show the stalk and the kill but The Black Bear Hunting Encyclopedia shows the complete story from preparing for the hunt, to the important after the kill field care practices. I have enjoyed reading the book and watching the video."

-Sid Braaksma
Mission, BC





"His interest and enthusiasm in the sport really shine through with the detail and comprehensive explanations ..."

"Justin has shown an ability to consistently harvest black bears, he is the best black bear hunter I know. I was very surprised and impressed when he took his hunting party up north and in one day each of the four hunters bagged their quarry. I thought that was fantastic, and believe that new and experienced bear hunters can learn as well as entertained through The Black Bear Hunting Encyclopedia book and DVD. I thought it was a very well put together production and believe all hunters should appreciate it. I really enjoyed the Black Bear hunting video and manual by Justin Ott. His interest and enthusiasm in the sport really shines through with the detail and comprehensive explanations that can introduce the novice, or add knowledge to the seasoned hunting veteran.

-Randy Engh
Mission, BC





"Justin's video was extremely helpful to refer back to..."

"Justin's video was extremely helpful to refer back to during the process in which I cleaned my bear skulls. I would definitely recommend it to people who want to do their own bear skulls, and have a lot of time to spare. Thanks a bunch Justin! I really appreciate it!"

- Zoe Deissler
Washington, U.S.





"...When Justin took me out bear hunting, he showed me the secret bear hunting tips... "

"Without Justin's help I would not have been able to capitalize on my first black bear. I went out hunting a few times after finishing my course and was not successful, but when Justin took me out bear hunting, he showed me the secret bear hunting tips and how to locate high producing areas and that led to my first big game animal, a black bear. Thanks Justin"

-Mark Ott
Coaldale, Alberta





"...Justin guaranteed that I would get a bear if I listened to him."

"I found out where to locate black bear habitat and how to hunt them from Justin. Thank you Justin for your help in my success! I never thought I was going to be successful so quick in my hunting career, but Justin guaranteed that I would get a bear if I listened to him. I listened and followed his advice and before I new it, I had a black bear in my sights. All it took was one shot from 175 yards and my first big game animal was down."

-Andrew Ott
Coaldale, Alberta





"I believe all levels of hunters can benefit from this black bear hunting DVD and book."

"Justin Ott has expanded my knowledge of choosing the right hunting gear, and the proper field care of my trophy animals. I started looking through his articles and found a lot of sound advice that provided me with necessary hunting knowledge and tools. I believe all levels of hunters can benefit from this black bear hunting DVD and book."

-Sheldon Arams
Provost, Alberta



Presents:      The Black Bear Hunting Encyclopedia &
Way Back In The Bush For Spring Black Bear 2008.


The DVD and Book include: Instruction and Entertainment versions of the black bear hunts. Chapters and extensive content covering:

  Black bears- Information on size and color variations as well as eating habits, gestation periods, and reproduction. Comprehensive information on black bear facts, animal characteristics, and universal survival tips for the outdoor enthusiast.
  Scouting for bears- Scouting forms an important part of black bear hunting and hence we felt it important to include ample information regarding; eating habits, common black bear habitat, how to identify tracks, and interpret bear sign.The book and DVD also go in to detail of different types of scouting; how to talk and gain access to experienced hunters knowledge, how to use maps and GPS as bear hunting resource, where to invest time hiking, and even some fly over tips.
  Bear hunting gear- In order to equip hunters properly for their bear hunt, the right gear is a necessity. The book and DVD provide you with hunting trip checklists for all types of situations and gives specific gear advice. There is guidance on proper caliber and bullet information, bow and arrow tips, boots, optics, rangefinders, clothing and all essential bear hunting equipment.
  Hunting bears- The moment you were waiting for "The Hunt". You will find a plethora of tips on bear hunting strategy for both rifle and bow hunting black bears. Through graphs and charts you will see detailed black bear anatomy information and shot placement advice. Licensing information is also given in order to guide you.
  Baiting black bears- For those who live in legal baiting areas such as Alaska, Alberta, and Saskatchewan you will appreciate all the tree stand hunting bear baiting content in the book and DVD. Tips on finding a bait location, setting up bait stations, setting up a tree stand, and bear bait recipes are all shown in great educational detail. Trail cameras and timing are also brought into the discussion in an attempt to heighten your chances of success.
  Hunting with hounds- People interested in pursuing the black bear with a pack of hounds will find basic information on this topic in the book. What to expect, how the hunt starts, dog breeds, the chase, and pursuit are covered to introduce people thinking of this style of bear hunting.
  Trophy photo tips- Making a picture to enjoy for a lifetime requires a little time and effort starts after the kill and before the field care begins. This chapter in the book, and bonus feature on the DVD will equip you with some tips to make a tasteful memory so you can display it on the mantel for generations. You will be surprised with what some hunters forget to do before pointing and aiming the camera.
  Bear field care- After the kill, the real work begins. The book shows detailed picture instruction on how to properly gut and skin a black bear for a rug. The DVD shows step by step procedure on field dressing and the proper steps on skinning for a bear rug. This chapter alone will make you a more accomplished and well rounded hunter. This information might end up saving you thousands over the years.
  Meat selection- I personally like bear meat and hope that you will appreciate the meat of black bears as well. In the book you will find multiple recipes to try on your next bear. You will also find my personal choices of what to do with the bear meat. The DVD has discussion on choice cuts, and different sausages you might like to try.
  Taxidermy- In the book and DVD I discuss the criteria to help you find the best taxidermist for the job as well as giving you some money saving tips. Those of you wanting to make bear rugs or shoulder mounts, you will find the information in the book and DVD more than helpful as it will give you the essentials to get the best possible mount.
  Choosing a Guide- Investing money into a guided trip is a special occasion and in saying that, there is a special chapter in the book discussing the criteria to find the right guide outfitter in order to have a successful bear hunting trip that will meet your expectations and budget.
  Making a European mount- Some hunters like to do crafts with antlers and skulls. This chapter in the book and bonus feature on the DVD will show you detailed step by step picture and video instruction to successfully create your very own European style bear skull. Another treat that you can place on the mantel to remember your hunt. It is a fairly straightforward task and the instruction in the book and DVD will ensure you have the proper tools, materials, and knowledge to undertake this task.
  Bear hunting stories- I have had a lot of interest in bear hunting stories from the past and decided to share those memories with you through pictures and writing in the book. In the DVD bonus features, you will be able to find these special bear hunting memories with you. The DVD displays pictures, hides, and weapons used in the past bear hunts in an animated fashion, along with me telling the full story.





Letter From Justin Ott, producer and founder of huntingtipsandtricks.com


Greetings fellow hunters, I am very pleased to present this entertaining and instructional bear hunting DVD. I have no doubt that every hunter can learn from it and find the information found in this product extremely valuable. It was very fun to put the product together, even the studio footage was a great experience.

The hunts on this bear hunting DVD feature live raw film of real bear hunting experiences. There is no editing or trickery of the raw bear hunting footage in this DVD. Bear hunting can be dangerous and there is evidence of that on the DVD. All bear hunts were legal, fair chase, and ethical, with rifle and archery tackle so all hunters will enjoy.

The most exciting part of this DVD is what makes it different. This DVD has an educational version that teaches and explains how to be successful in all aspects of black bear hunting from scouting all the way to picking the right taxidermist for the rug. This is a complete encyclopedia of bear hunting. I hope you take the time to sign up for notification of the release so you can invest in this rare and revolutionary hunting DVD/book product.


Justin Ott
President of huntingtipsandtricks.com